The Privacy & Technology Section is distinct from other Sections that focus primarily on establishing intellectual property rights or on using technology in a law practice, as the Privacy & Technology Section is instead focused more broadly on legal issues arising out of the use of technological innovations once developed, and the related implications those legal issues have on technology businesses and end-users of technology.

Section attorneys include those who assist clients in putting together technology deals, licensing technology, or other technology-related matters; the litigators who represent technology clients when deals go awry, or represent non-technology clients on technology-related litigation; and more generally, those attorneys who have a keen interest in the law as it relates to technology.

The Section co-sponsors an annual Technology Law Institute in the fall, with speakers presenting cutting-edge topics as well as an update on recent changes in state and federal laws impacting technology. Additional CLE and social events are offered periodically throughout the year, affording members the opportunity to meet and learn from other technology lawyers. The Section also focuses on providing pro bono services related to the use of technology.



The Privacy & Technology Section of the State Bar of Georgia focuses on meeting the needs of lawyers who represent clients in matters related to privacy and technology, and addressing the tension between evolving technology and long-established legal principles. 

2016 - 2017  O F F I C E R S

Paul Arne, Chair

Fred Schuchman, Vice-Chair

Mike Breslin, Secretary

Sarah Shalf, Immediate Past Chair

Other past chairs

E X E C U T I V E  C O M M I T T E E

Paul Arne
Will Bracker
Mike Breslin
Setareh Davoudzadeh
Elizabeth Eason
Reiko Feaver
Steve Hardy
Jennifer Liotta
Austin Mills
Erinn Robinson
Bunny Sandefur
Fred Schuchman
Michael Stewart
Joel Thomas
Michael Young

Law Student Committee

Koji Noguchi (Atlanta's John Marshall Law School)
David Hutchinson (Emory)
Sam Mullman (GSU)
Michael Gay (Mercer)
Matthew Sanders (UGA)